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Black Sheep Cooking Club Classes

You learn to make a restaurant quality dinner in your own home.

Here's just some of the many classes we offer. Note, these are not "prep classes. "
Much of the chopping, peeling and grunt work is already done, and you get to be the
CHEF, just as if you had your own restaurant. You spend your time with us doing the
cooking, not the prepping and dishwashing! (That's a whole different class, see below!)

Sauce Class
This can be just about anything you want from Aioli's and Salsas (remember taco night?) to the classics from Europe. Or, you can choose to do healthy low or no fat versions of the classic styles.
Just Desserts
Here's some favorites; Creme de Catalana (like Creme Brulee) Chocolate Mousse, Gateau au Chocolat (the Black Sheep's rich chocolate cake), Profitaroles (also called Diana's favorite) Chocolate sauces, Souffles and more.
Appetizer or Tapas Class
Add some spice and variety to life with a host of great appetizers!
Pick a country, style or we'll just bring a number of ingredients
and you can just create!

This is a great class for people who like to graze.

Cassoulet & Confit of Duck Class
One of our most requested classes. Bone your own duck
and make duck liver mousse, an appetizer with the tenderloin
a salad with the breast, confit the leg and thigh and cassoulet!
Great for a party of up to 12.

Confit of Duck & Cassoulet Class
(see a sample video here!)

Grand Aioli Class
This is ultimate Grilling Class where we begin by making the famous Aioli sauce of Provence, and then grill up just about anything and everything you can think of! No grill or BBQ? No problem, we'll show you how to do it all in your kitchen.

Grand Aioli
(see sample video here!)

Wine Collectors Pairing Class
Like to collect your own wines?
We'll help you set and prepare a menu to showcase your
favorite treasures to share with family and friends.

Soups & Potage Class
You can make a great soup from almost anything.
We'll show you how.

Soups & Potage Class
(see a sample video here!)

Bouillabaisse Class
This was the most popular cooking class at the restaurant!
Plan on hours of the messiest fun you can have in a kitchen and
then sit down to feast on one of the world's most famous
(and expensive!) seafood dishes!

Bouillabaisse in France runs 40 to 100 Euros per person
(that's $50 to $125 dollars) and 120 Euros for a class ($150!)

Spanish Class
Let's start with some tapas, then maybe Gazpacho or Garlic Soup,
then a Paella or Fideo (a paella made with pasta) or Two, and finish with Creme de Catalana (the Spanish Creme Brulee!)
BBQ & Grilling Class
Get the most out of whatever it is you'd like to grill!
Meats, vegetables, fruits or a combination! Heat, timing; what
goes on when and for how long, and the care of your grill.
Pates, Sausages & Terrines
From smooth mousselines to spicy sausages using
different meats, seafood, vegetables, nuts, spices and more.

Big Backyard Paella, Fideo or Risotto Class
You and your guests participate in making a huge
Paella, Fideo (a paella made with pasta) or an
Italian Risotto right in your own backyard. Hungry?

This is a party demonstration class for 12 to 50!

Other fun possibilities!

Family Classes
Menus the whole family
can participate in!

Stews and Casseroles
The Classics or clean
out the fridge!
Trimming Meats
Save money and time by buying whole cuts and trimming them yourself.

How about an "Iron Chef" competition?

Great for team building parties and neighborhood competitions! Pick a theme or make it a surprise!
Those that choose not to cook get to be the judges.

Choose participation or demonstration, each class is individually orchestrated for you
and your group! Recommended class size; 6 to 12 people. Restaurant quality food
in your own home that you get to prepare, and no corkage!
(Serving most all Southern California)

Pricing - Classes are individually priced according to cost of goods and materials.
Most classes run from $350 to $600 for the entire group class (up to 12!)

Other suggestions:
Pick a theme - Like French, Spanish, or Italian!
Pick an ingredient like seafood, vegetables (yes, I do vegan), or meats.
Pick a course; appetizers, salads, main courses, desserts.
Pick a discipline; using a knife, your food processor, seasoning pans or?
Or how about learning to use herbs, spices and different seasonings?

Special - For all you Hunter's (or hunter's wives) out there, let's have some fun cleaning out that freezer!

And finally, for those who want to learn "Prep", and proper usage of a knife,
we'll bring everything you need to learn to cut and chop and peel like a pro!

Make it up as you go...
We'll help you custom design your own class!

Here's some examples of our unique Cooking Classes.

Here's a sample of a kids cooking class!

Here's a fun class we did that got the whole family involved!
See all four of Dave's Porchetta Cooking Classes on You Tube.

Be creative and make it a part of your next:
Birthday party, bridal or baby shower, Gourmet Dinner Group, Team Building, Father/Daughter time, or a special gift just because! You may also choose to include a private "Pro Shopping Tour" where Chef Rick takes you to restaurant suppliers, and private professional purveyors not open to the public. Stock your kitchen with the right equipment!
(Available throughout most of Southern California but with enough advance notice, have been known to travel!)

Send us your email to find out about our Guest Chef dinners, special classes, live demonstrations and more!
or call 949-642-5922

(and leave a message cause Rick's rarely in the office but he does return calls!)

Sharing over 3 decades of restaurant experience with time tested recipes and personal
training through online videos, video cookbooks on DVD, books & PDF's, photos,
our favorite suppliers and purveyors and more. Join the club here!

Check out our Blogs for COOKING and CRAFTS! and our tool box of educational products at Amazon below.

Chef Rick says, "Cooking is like magic, once you know the "trick" it's easy, but someone has to show you the trick!"

©2012 Rick and Diana Boufford & The Black Sheep Cooking Club